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  ICSES'2004 will be held in Poznan, a city halfway between Berlin and Warsaw, but older than both of them. Beginning as a fortified village in the 10th century, Poznan became the capital of Poland and the residence of the first two Polish kings. Poland's first cathedral was erected here in 968. The town flourished as a European trade center during the 15th and 16th centuries, but later its prosperity declined due to fires and wars. Rebuilt after World War II the Poznań of today covers an area of approximately 240 square kilometers and is inhabited by approximately 600,000 people. It is the administrative and economic centre of Wielkopolska, one of the highest economically developed regions in Poland. Additional informations: CIM
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The conference will be hosted by the Conference Center of Poznan International Fair, in a very comfortable pavilion 14B, equipped with video projectors, audio-visual equipment, internet access point, air conditioning, and restaurant. The Conference Center is in 5-10min walking distance from the main railway station
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You can get to Poznan by train or by air or travel by many convenient road connections with all major towns and cities in Poland. Eurocity trains from Berlin take three hours, as does the train journey from Warsaw. You can arrive at the city airport by regular flights from Vienna, London, Frankfurt (Main), Munich, Cologne, Copenhagen, Warsaw (4 flights daily). Flight duration from Vienna is appr. 1h30', from Frankfurt (Main) it is 1h40', and 50' from Warsaw.